PPC VS SEO, which one is better?

A debate about the use of pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) to bring in visitors and increase the rank websites or blogs. Panel which is held at SES Chicago also found advantages and disadvantages of both. And it becomes an interesting conversation today.

Most of netter think
s that both ways should be in use simultaneously, SEO for long-term results while the PPC for short-term results.

But PPC stalwarts make some opinion about some changes that Google did like you no longer have to be signed in for Google to personalize your results and being Google's banning of AdWords advertisers with what he thinks is not the best communication, resulting in difficult to get ranking in Google.

Another opinion added, PPC is very useful for new websites or blogs to introduce the Web and bring visitors in a short time.

SEO peoples argue that was wrong, they think that SEO is something that must be fulfilled even your web or blog are new, they also add  a Google search result is 24 hours a day unlike PPC, unless you have unlimited funds. PPC should be used after SEO to target special sales, or services. It is a great way to help searchers locate your products when they are on sale, or your services when a special price can be obtained.

One thing to keep in mind  PPC can be used up front to help you determine the directions to take your SEO efforts in. You can use PPC quickly to determine what keywords convert better, and use that to your advantage in your optimization practices.