Bolt Mobile Browser

I have shared in another article about mobile application ( Read : Facebook Application for Mobile ). Now I want to share another application but special for browser. Maybe some of you know about this mobile browser.

Bolt is one of the mobile browsers which is used by many people for right now.  This browser has better feature and view than Opera Mini. If you have blog or website, you can check how many people who was online in your blog, or for people who like blog walking, Bolt was a good way for that.

Features in Bolt mobile browser
1.      Some icons like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yahoo, MySpace, Espn, CNN, Wikipedia and  Digg
2.      Streaming video
3.      You can set the images in a high, medium or low quality

The excess of  Bolt mobile browser
1.      Capable of displaying web pages faster and full desktop
2.      The display same with computer or laptop display

For you who want to try Bolt can download Bolt Mobile Browser

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