Facebook Application for Mobile

As we know, Facebook is the most popular social web for right now. You can update your status, find your old friend and also a new friend in there. Not only for friendship, Facebook is also used as a market for people who earn money from online business (Read : How to do Business using Facebook)

To make easier, you can use Facebook from your mobile through this application. May be some of you have known about Nimbuz. One of  the famous applications for mobile.
Here’s what you get from Nimbuzz :

1.      Nimbuzz offers free SMS service
2.      Can call friends who are online without having to get out of Nimbuz
3.      Nimbuzz application is able to support Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk, MySpace, studyVZ, Jabber, and many others
4.      Can do “Buzz” like the one in Yahoo Messenger
5.      Support VOIP, so if we have a VOIP account, then we can also run with Nimbuzz

For more detail you can go to Nimbuzz.